Hi! I’m a Mexican photographer, raised and based in Mexico City.

My first contact with photography was at age 10 when I fell in love with my parent’s Polaroid camera. At age 18 I studied analog photography for a year, as part of my bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences. At that time, I only shot street animals, couches, and people for fun.

As I developed a career in music journalism, I got an opportunity to start collaborating with Rolling Stone MĂ©xico as a photographer, so that’s how I started shooting local and international shows and festivals. At the same time, I went back to learning with French photographer Antoine Louak.

In 2015, I studied natural light and flashes at AAVI, and kept working to develop studio and lighting techniques, practicing while touring with independent music projects. In July 2017, I got serious about studio portraits and started to push myself not only to be visually striking, but to have something interesting to say about my subjects.

Nowadays, I work mostly in my home studio, teach private lessons and keep working my way into travel photography.

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